Our new house 🏡

Connor and I moved two weeks ago into a brand new home! It’s been a crazy move, but with the help of great friends we got the move done in just a day!

From my previous post about my style of my hone I thought I’d change it up this time around and make it more cottage/rustic 🙂


Give em pumpkin to talk about

The same day we went apple picking we got to pick pumpkins for free! Thank you AppleWood Farms!
Of course I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to pick a free pumpkin so we went on a little wagon ride to the pumpkin patch!




When we got home I made a pumpkin pie from scratch using the small little pumpkin that I took home!


  • 1 cup of pumpkin purred
  •                                         1 (13.5 oz) can full-fat free coconut milk
  •      1/4 cup of rolled oats
  • 2 tsp ground flax seeds
  • 1/3 cup of brown sugar
  • 2 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/2 tsp of salt
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 400F & blend all ingredients together until smooth. Let it sit for a goof 5-7 minutes and then pour it into a prepared pie crust in a 10-inch round pan. (You can also make you own pie crust) Bake for 30 minutes… it may look undercooked but quickly let it sit in the fridge for 2-3 hours & ENJOY!!

If you want to make you own pie crust this is a simple recipe 🙂 

1 1/2 cups ww pastry flour or all purpose flour
1 tsp of salt
1/3 cup canola or vegetable oil
2-4 tsp water
Preheat oven to 200 F. In a large mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients. Add in the oil and stir. Then start adding in the water until it sticks together but not gummy. Press evenly into a 10 inch pie pan. put the crust in the oven and immediately increase the temp to 350F. Bake for 15 minutes and let it cool!!







sweater weather

FALL has got to be the best season! You can dress super cozy, you can all have ALL THE PUMPKIN PIE/SPICE you want!, and the weather is SO pretty to look at!

Last weekend the first day of FALL we went apple & pumpkin picking at Applewood Farm in Stouffvile! Probably the best farm for apple picking by far that I’ve been too!
This year being my first year of having the allergies that I have, I didn’t get to taste any of the apples but my husband did say that they were delicious… hence why the whole bag was eaten in about 24 hours!  We of course went for the Macintosh apples, super sweet & great for baking!

AppleWood Farm 🙂 





How I BECAME allergic to PEANUTS.

This is probably going to  be one of the hardest posts for me to write, since it still hits me hard about my peanut allergy. All my life I have had no allergies. I live a pretty healthy life and when I say healthy I mean I EAT CLEAN most of the time. In 2010 I developed allergies to cherries, carrots, eggplant, and kiwis. I was pretty OKAY with this allergy as I felt I could live without them. Now Peanuts has always been one of my favourite go to snacks, if its with a banana, apples, bread, or inside a smoothie. Usually after I go to the gym I’ll enjoy peanut butter and banana to get a good post workout snack in. Other days I will have apples dipped in peanut butter or the better yet Nutella and peanut butter combo! (WHICH I MISS DEARLY) 

One day I was getting pretty hungry and I asked my husband to cut me up some apples and peanut butter. A regular snack for me and a regular day… so I get the apples and I start dipping them into my peanut butter and I started to feel a little itchy and slowly my lips were getting bigger, my eyes were closing and became very puffy, and I started to sneeze a whole bunch. At that point we didn’t know what to do! We quickly drove to the hospital and a nurse took me right away and injected a shot of Benadryl in my arm. I quickly fell asleep after that waking up still swollen, and sick to my stomach but luckily I was alive…

A week later I went to see an allergist and he did an allergy test on me and turns out I developed an allergy to peanuts, apples, and anything related to a birch tree… HOW THIS HAPPENS we do not know… but apparently your body changes every seven years. Of course I have been doing so much research on this to get to the bottom of this situation and I’ve come up with stories about people developing allergies when they have to much of something, complete clean freaks, and when you don’t give your body a break. So who knows what the real case is..



I work in child care so I see lots of allergies with young children and some co workers. When you don’t have an allergy you really don’t think much of it as sad as that is. I mean you care about the person who has the allergy and are super careful with their allergies, but you don’t really understand what they are going through until you experience it. Now that I have experienced this I REALLY know how hard it is for most people to have it. For example eating out in restaurants is VERY HARD. You would think that peanuts are a very common allergy, when really its in most places. So going to restaurants are very tough for me as it scares me to have something have come into contact with a peanut. GOING ON VACATION is another hard one, especially all you can eat buffets, and the different language barrier. OUR HOUSE has gone completely peanut free, and when people come over we have to always make sure they haven’t brought any peanuts or eaten any before they come over as my allergy is very sensitive.


I actually found this printable card that you can get made online to create “chef cards” to give to a restaurant that your at. These come in handy especially while I was in Europe this summer, I made a whole bunch in ITALIAN & GREEK for the waiters and chefs to understand me. You can really get them made anywhere online!


If anyone has anymore information on allergies or good tips and peanut friendly recipes please share!!



Our first home 🏡

Connor and I bought our first home 🏡 in October 2013… the development was in Stouffville and we weren’t going to get the house till December 2015. This was one of the biggest decisions in our lives. Early December when we go the house Connor was the first to move into it and of course I was all about the decorating. The first month we got the place I had so many ideas that poor Connor had to learn how to do so much! Which isn’t a bad thing!


We have built so many memories here and its going to be so hard to let this place go! I know the phrase “A home is what you make it with the ones you love most” but these special memories we have created here will never leave my heart. Our house is inspired by many cottage and farm house magazines.



This summer Connor & I went on our honeymoon to Italy & Greece! What a dream come true this vacation was! We got to see so many different beautiful places, along with meeting such great amazing people on the way!



The first place we went to was CASSINO, which is where my dad is from. The mountains are so beautiful here in Cassino, and there are always fountains in this town of FRESH water! Here in Cassino we got to stay with my aunt who lives in a beautiful farm like home, and got to visit where my Nonna was born the EXACT house, and my dad.  The church in this photo is the same church my grandparents got married in. There was so much history here in my dad’s town it was great for myself and for Connor to see my family roots!

        WHEN IN ROME…



ROME ROME ROME the most seance place you could see. We spent a good three days exploring Rome. We saw many of the major big site seeing areas, along with going on a LONG beautiful bike ride in Villa Borghese which reminds me a lot like New York CITY Central Park.  Another thing we did was of course visit the TREVI FOUNTAIN and of course you must make a wish! We actually learnt the real way to make a wish at the fountain was to have your back against the fountain, coin in your right hand and over your left shoulder!



Capri is the most beautiful place that there is in the Amalfi Coast. We got on a boat and toured the Island ( of course if you get sea sick like me it MAY not be the best decision so make sure you set yourself up with lots of GRAVOL!) We got to see the Blue Grotto and Faraglioni, which is the picture uploaded above !
Legend has it couples who kiss under the Faraglioni will stay together forever. 





           Positano is a dream come true. Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 10.27.50 PM



ONE PLACE you must visit is the Lemon Tour in the AMALFI. The lemons here are so beautiful, big and you can actually eat the SKIN. The tour we went on was “The Amalfi Lemon Experience” the tour was amazing and really let us in on great information about their lemons! After the tour we got to have fresh lemonade, limoncello, and lemon cake!



Connor and I did something way out of our comfort zone and we decided to take a 12 hour boat ride from Bari, ITALY to Kefalonia, GREECE. This was quite the experience. The boat ride felt like forever!… and there were about 800 people travelling with us along with cars and some animals. We had our own little cabin room which was fine but it wasn’t very comfortable. That being said we got to Greece safe and really got to see a different way of traveling!!

When we got to Kefalonia it was another 5 hours to get to Athens. We stopped at the Corinth Canal which is really beautiful




Of course you must visit the Acropolis when your in GREECE. It’s so beautiful and breath taking. I recommend going early in the morning where there wouldn’t be a huge crowd.




Santorini is probably the best Island by far in Greece. Again pictures do not do justice and the scenery is beautiful, great people on the island, and the weather is ALWAYS NICE. Although remember to bring a sweater for chilly nights as the wind can be very strong.  You of course have to visit OIA which is SO BEAUTIFUL and it is true everything is BLUE AND WHITE! Shopping is a MUST HERE & SAILING!





 It’s true what they say that Mykonos is really more of a PARTY island. Our first night in Mykonos we went to go see AFROJACK and he didn’t come on until 3 in the morning leaving us to party till 5 am, which was considered early since most people left around 7-7:30 am! During the day you must go visit LITTLE ITALY for a beautiful seance view!

Our Wedding



December second two thousand & seventeen was such an incredible day!

We got married on such a beautiful December day! Not to many people enjoy going to weddings held in the winter time, so we were a little worried what our day would hold for us, but it turned out to be an amazing sunny cool day! S&C-5021.jpg

Many people ask us why we got married in December and why we wouldn’t wait for the spring/summer but to be honest when do you ever hear of a December wedding? We also thought about how typical it was to have a wedding in the summer where everyone has the same colours, flowers, scenery, and etc. Where we thought the dark colours of fall/winter and the scenery may look like everything is dying but with all flowers to stand them out and to make everything look alive!



My dream came to life that day! My hair & makeup turned out amazing thanks to Bene Pham who is so talented in what she does! I have a short bob haircut where Bene didn’t have much to do with, but she did an amazing job putting my hair together and adding that beautiful side piece.

        My dress is from Superior Bridal and the make is Maggie Soretto








Connor decided that he wanted to do a custom suit so we got his made and inside his suit there is actually his initials!


Photo & Video: GoodyCambay
Coordinator: Simply Sienna
Florals: Fleurisma by Angie
Cake: Cakes By Celia